Since 1893 - 4 generations of providing quality water in Minnesota

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Thein Well Company
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Committed to Providing the Best in Ground Water Services

The Past

In 1893, as Minnesota expanded, a major need for fresh ground water developed. Thus, Thein Well was founded by Eugene Thein to provide house, farm, and community wells in the rural regions of Minnesota.

The Present

Over 100+ years, spanning three centuries and in its fourth generation of Thein family involvement, Thein Well constructs, installs, and maintains any and all sizes of wells and pumps; provides a wide array of environmental drilling services in addition to a variety of other drilling services from heat loop installations to foundation drilling. Geographically, Thein has expanded to serve the six-state North Central region of the United States, with offices in four cities. And we're still growing!

The Future

Thein Well, known for leadership and innovation in the drilling industry, has an objective in the years ahead to continue to be in the forefront of state-of-the-art technology -- providing a full range of services with professional personnel.

Pioneers and Innovators

Thein Well continually strives to give its customers the best products and services at the most reasonable cost. Thein has constantly improved its operating efficiency through innovation and advanced technology ... as demonstrated by the following examples.